Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Tsuchi-Ningyo Clay Doll Ebisu Seven Lucky Gods

AG1001 SOLD. Thank you.


This delightful and full expression is the reason for our acquisition of this Ebisu doll. While Daikoku and Ebisu dolls are often paired and displayed, "single" Ebisu dolls are much harder to find. Ebisu is one of the Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) and is symbolized as the god of prosperity and abundance. This particular piece was found in the Nagoya area of Japan. Relatively larger figure and in rustic condition. While the original color pigments have mostly fallen, the doll still shows the strong characters of Ebisu, holding a large red snapper in his left arm. Ca. Early to mid 1900s. 7.5"w 5"d 12.5"h


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