Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Set of three lacquered sake cups, Sakazuki

AG600 - $30.00


Circa: Ca. Mid 1900's

Materials: Lacquered wood (urushi-nuri) hand painted design

Design/Motif: Crane & Pine tree

Colors: 'Shu' red, very mat gold, black

Condition:a very tiny tip on the rim of the medium cup (approximately 1/8"), other wide they are all in great condition.

Notes/Remarks: These sake cups are for ceremonial use. In many occasions they were also a part of ceremonial display. Since three is an very auspicious number in Japan, these cups also come in three.


The dimensions are:

Large: 6 3/8" Diameter

Medium: 5 7/8" Diameter

Small: 5 1/4" Diameter


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