Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Mingei doll, Three Country women

AG606 - $20.00


Circa: Ca. Mid 1900s

Materials: Various types of fabric including cotton ikat, wood, Straw

Texture/Technique: individually hand crafted

Design/Motif: n/a

Main Colors: indigo blue, red, white, natural wood tones

Condition:Great to excellent

Notes/Remarks: These charming three countrywomen show how they used to dress for their fieldwork and carry the materials. Each figure has a simple expression yet they are all so lovable to loot at. The body gestures are imaginable and they are intricately hand crafted.


The dimensions are:

Large: 4" Tall

Medium: 3 1/4" Tall

Small: 2 1/4" Tall

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