Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

A Set of Small Wooden Dolls

AG609 - $30.00


Circa: Ca. Mid 1900s

Materials: Wood

Texture/Technique: hand crafted and painted

Design/Motif: n/a

Main Colors: red, yellow, blue, green, etc.

Condition:Good to Excellent, The woman's figure in a couple probably has lost her wooden hat.

Notes/Remarks: The singing group figure is assumed to be from Chuzenji near Nikko, Japan. The figures obviously received a "Japanese Minister prize" as the label on the plat form and a little pink slip on the back tells. The title of the figures is 'Yamabiko' which translates a mountain echo. This singing group has an absolute charm and you can almost hear their cleanest voice! The couple figures may be an old fashion "traveling" musicians. His kimono shows some lyric of a song and her relatively dynamic-designed-kimono indicates they are "entertainers." As mentioned above, her straw hat is missing yet they are still happy together. Lastly the little young lady figure is also assumed as a traveler. Her red-flowered kimono shows her young age. The expression of her face is so innocent.


The dimensions are:

Singing: 3" Tall; 4 1/2 Wide

Couple: 2 3/4" Tall

Young Lady: 1 3/4" Tall

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