Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Old Ebisu Clay Doll Shichi-Fuku-Jin

AG801 - $125.00


This delightful facial expression is the reason for our acquisition of this Ebisu doll.  While Daikoku and Ebisu dolls are often paired and displayed, "single" Ebisu dolls are much harder to find.  Ebisu is one of the Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin) and is symbolized as the god of prosperity and abundance. This doll is a nice size (12.5" tall) and as you see in the images, it is constructed in a more "refined" (or precise) manner than many other clay dolls.  The interior (the bottom) shows the doll is made from red clay (terra cotta). The painting pigments are mostly pealing yet the doll still retains an attractive essence of what it is.

Ca. Early to mid 1900s.  Dimensions: 7"w  5"d  12.5"


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