Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Ebisu Mask Shichifukujin Seven Lucky Gods

AG807 - $180.00


What a delightful expression.  Simply it makes you feel warm and cheerful. This rare clay Ebisu mask is a good size and was hanged at a home for quite sometime.  Ebisu god is one of the seven lucky gods and it has been worshipped in all over Japan.  The Ebisu is symbolized as a god of fortune for farming, fishing, and food businesses especially.  He is depicted wearing an eboshi-hat and holding a red snapper. The original paint has partially been peeled due to the age yet the mask still retains a soft and attractive appearance.  The mask has "original wire" to hang.  Ca. Early to mid 1900s.


Dimensions: 9.5"wide 10.5" long  3"thick (profile).


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