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Small Tankoro Ceramic Lamp Seto Ware

AG817 $80.00


While visiting in the Nagoya area in our latest trip, this lovely 'tankoro' oil lighting piece caught my eyes. A small yet very attractive Seto pottery. This type of ceramic lamp was used during Edo and early Meiji era (late 1800s). The tip of the wick, rising like naval, was burned while oil was filled in the small pool. The glaze of this lamp shows dark candy-like richness, running on the side as if it was just applied. At the bottom, there is a Shoya mark (assumed to be Yamahei), a wealthy landlord who loaned pieces like this for a village/town events and occasions. It is certainly a rare piece to adore. Ca. mid to late 1800s.


Dimensions: 2 1/8" w 1 5/8"tall


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