Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Kagura-suzu Shinto Dance Bell



A very old and rare instrument used for Kagura Dance in Japan. Kagura dance translates as Japanese Shinto theatrical dance and a various types of musical instruments such as this are used. This old Kagura-bell is made from bronze for the top ornament and the very bottom part of the handle. The middle part of the handle is made from wood, which is finished with a dark lacquer. The top ornament shows three tiers of circles. Among them the two tiers have eight small chrysanthemum shaped small ornaments and they create subtle yet very delicate sounds. The bottom layer is made from a larger side chrysanthemum shape ornament. This Kagura bell has such a feminine and elegant profile. The bell has been aged beautifully, despite of some expected wears. Ca. the early to mid 1900s.

10.5" long 2 1/4" wide


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