Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Okinawa/Ryukyu Tsuboya-Kiln Folk Akae Chawan Bowl

AG922 Sold. Thank you. 

A traditional Ryukyu (Okinawa) pottery with simple red glaze stripes. The slightly wider dimensions of these food serving bowls (rice or vegetables) distinguish from the ones you see in "main lands" of Japan. Totally everyday use of this type bowls possess a warm and down to earth beauty. The shape is slightly imperfect round which creates a "humanly" character, along with a few kiln defects (a few "puffy" spots in the interior). A lovely mingei product. Could perfectly be used as a 'mitate-chawan' (pretended) ceremonial tea bowl. Ca. Mid 1900s.


 6 1/8"W 5 3/4" L 3" H


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