Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Tohoku Region (Akita) Mino Farmer's Cape, Rare

MISC 804 - $2500.00

Circa: Ca. Late 1800s to Early 1900s

Materials: Hand woven

Texture/Technique: Hand crafted

Design/Motif: abstract weaving pattern (around the neck area)

Main Colors: Natural and dark straw colors

Condition:Good to Excellent (The tying area is missed due to the age and a temporary piece was added later for hanging purpose)

Notes/Remarks: This mino rain cape was obtained on our trip to Akita, Japan (the Tohoku region). Certainly farmers or country people no longer wear this type of cape, so our sense of the appreciation toward the patient craftsmanship is deepened even more. This mino rain cape is hand-woven with 'wara' straw (probably from rice plant) and the meticulously and tightly woven patterns of the neck area is simply beautiful and practical. The long shaggy ends stand out from the body and effectively throw off the rain. The piece is definitely a piece of great Mingei example.


The dimensions are:

Approximately 21" wide

Approximately 51" long

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