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Kaga Yuzen Tomesode Formal Kimono

KIMONO #107 - $330.00

This black chirimen silk kimono is called tomesode and is worn by married women for their formal occasions. This particular piece is from the late Meiji period (1868-1912) and is depicted with a symmetrical design of phoenixes and beautiful flowers such as peonies, chrysanthemums, and roses. The use of the "western" flowers on kimonos such as these roses was begun around this time in Japanese history and it became a fashion during the period. Delicate embroidery is applied on some of the flowers and the phoenix. This beautiful design is continued to the bottom of the interior of the kimono. There are a total of five family crests on the both back and front of the kimono. The lining of the kimono is red silk and the condition of the kimono is excellent. The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 48"

Length: approximately 59"

Sleeve Length: approximately 25"


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