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Meiji Tomesode Formal Kimono with Pine Motif

KIMONO #190 - $510.00


This very subtle formal tomesode kimono is probably from Meiji era (1868-1912). The kimono is made from fine black chirimen silk (more textured than later period ones). As typical in this particular period, the design is rather restrained and somewhat it has a minimum expression comparing to the later period1s tomesode kimonos (please see other tomesodes of the later periods in our web-site). This particular piece has a design of pine branches in sage green, gray, and "rustic" mustard yellow. The designs are placed at the very bottom of the kimono, which leave the majority of the kimono simply solid black. There is some small amount of embroidery over the little pinecones. This beautiful design is placed almost symmetrical way on the bottom of the both front of the kimono and they are continuously seen in the bottom of the interior. There are the total of large five family crests in both front and back. The kimono is fully lined with fine red silk. It is truly rare and in excellent condition.

The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 49.5"

Length: approximately 59"

Sleeve Length: approximately 22"


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