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Kaga Yuzen Tomesode Formal Kimono

KIMONO #250 - $280.00


This elegant tomesode kimono is probably from Taisho era (1912-1926). The kimono is made from beautiful chirimen silk and it is depicted with rare blue floral designs. The flowers are somewhat "unreal" but they are obviously showing "the fashion" of the era, which was heavily inspired by the western flower motifs. The designs are executed by the Kaga-Yuzen technique and they are hand-painted, dyed, and shaded off. The colors you find on the kimono are relatively rare on this type of kimono and they are various tones of blues and grays against the solid black background. There is a very small amount of hand embroidery. Five family crests are found on the top of the kimono. The bottom of the kimono is slightly quilted. The design continues to the bottom of the interior. The interior of the kimono is fully lined with red. It is in excellent condition.

The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 49.5"

Length: approximately 58"

Sleeve Length: approximately 29"

Body Width: approximately 23"


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