Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Kyo-Yuzen Tomesode Formal Kimono

KIMONO #251 - $320


This beautiful tomesode kimono is probably from the late Taisho (1912-1926) to the early Showa era. The kimono is made from fine chirimen silk and it is depicted with lovely large fans. The bottom designs are almost symmetrical and they are elaborately composed and hand painted using the Kyoto Yuzen dye technique. There is some hand embroidery in gold intricately executed along the outlines of some of the fans. The main colors of the design are red, orange, light green, hunter green, gold, deep blue, and mustard yellow against the solid black background. There are five family crests on the top. The beautiful designs continue to the bottom of the interior. The interior of the kimono is fully lined with red silk. It is in excellent condition. The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 50"

Length: approximately 57"

Body Width: approximately 22"

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