Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Men's Silk Juban Undergarment with "Hiroshige" Pattern

KIMONO #258 - $210.00


This "fun" men's juban (undergarment) is probably from the early to mid Showa era (1926-1988). The exterior of the juban is made from fine silk and it is depicted with copies from Hiroshige woodblock prints with some additional poetry added. The design covers the entire juban. The dominant colors on the exterior are cocoa brown, gray, some light green and blues. The collar of the juban is lined with black silk. The interior of the juban is fully lined with white cotton. There are very light and tiny stains on the interior, otherwise it is in excellent condition.

The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 51.5"

Length: approximately 53.5"

Body Width: approximately 25"


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