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Rare Blue Yuzen Kimono

KIMONO #400 - $480.00


This rare and stunning homongi (semi-formal) kimono is probably from the early 1900's. The kimono is made from fine damask silk in rare turquoise blue and it has beautiful floral and abstract designs. The dye is executed by hand painted Yuzen dye technique. The colors you see on the kimono are blue, light blue, orange, plum, light green, fuchsia, lemon yellow, and peach against the turquoise background. The fabric also has a fine woven-in metallic pattern. There is some hand embroidery (outlines) in a relatively thicker tread (some of them are loosen due to the age). The kimono is fully lined with a red silk fabric. There are some very tiny spots due to the age; otherwise the kimono is in excellent condition.


Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 46.5"

Length: approximately 61"

Sleeve Length: approximately 22"

Body Width: approximately 22"

For Inquiry : info@ichoya.com


For Inquiry: info@ichoya.com


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