Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Men's Formal Haori Boating Scene

MENS HAORI #411 - $280.00


This formal men's haori is probably from the early 1900s. The haori is made from fine silk and the lining of the haori is depicted with a peaceful scene of a boatman, a few flying birds, and a pagoda in a mountain view (a scene probably from Kyoto). The colors you will find on the lining are chocolate brown, charcoal gray, mat silver, mat gold, some navy blue, and hunter green against the espresso brown back ground. There are five family crests (Katabami which symbolizes the wood sorrel) on the exterior. The haori is in excellent condition.



Sleeve to Sleeve 51"

Sleeve Length 20.75"

Body Width 24"

Length 42"


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