Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Men's Formal Haori Takarabune Ship Motif

MENS HAORI #501 - $280.00


Age: Ca. Mid 1900s

Material: Silk

Texture/Technique: habutae, woven design

Design/Motif: Takarabune (Treasure boat)

Main Colors: Exterior-black, Interior-deep olive green, bronze, sage, gray

Condition: Excellent

Notes/Remarks: This haori interior shows an auspicious takarabune-boat, which carries a variety of tresures. The boat itself is a large lobster and it is surrounded by more auspicious motifs, such as snappers and corals.


Body Length: Approximately 39"

Sleeve to Sleeve: Approximately 50"

Body Width: Approximately 23.5


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