Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Men's Haori Tea Ceremony Motifs

MENS HAORI #86 - $280.00


This elegant men's haori is probably from the early 1900s. The exterior of the haori is made from fine Japanese silk in black and has five formal family crests on both front and back. The design of the crest is "yuiwata" in Japanese or tied tufts of silk. The lining of the haori is also made from fine silk and designed with a theme of the Japanese tea ceremony. The figures are a decorative tea bowl, two tea caddies, a teaspoon, and an incense holder. The tea ceremony motif was popularly used for the lining design to indicate the sophisticated taste of the haori owner. The main colors of the lining are burgundy red, light peppermint green, blue, and plum pink over brownish olive green. This haori is in excellent condition.



Sleeve to Sleeve 51.5"

Sleeve Length 20.5"

Length 41"


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