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Kurume-kasuri Futon Cover

MISC 1013 - $380.00


We found this beautiful futon cover in Fukuoka, Japan in our latest trip. The cover possesses a traditional pattern of Kurume-gasuri (kasuri) and its dynamic and geometric design is very attractive and stunning. The two types of "cluster" designs show a chrysanthemum-like floral motif and "I-gata", well-crib, motif in center respectively. The placement of the patterns is somewhat irregular and it emphasizes the unique "movement" of overall impression. The backing is a solid indigo kasuri fabric and shows an openness in the center (apparently the quilt in side was removed from the area). The openness can be stitched back together easily. One corner of the cover is slightly damaged (some holes) due to the age, otherwise it is in great condition. Ca. Early 1900s or Meiji era.


 55" x 66"


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