Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Tsutsugaki Cloth Chrysanthemums Motif, "unfinished"

MISC102 -$1400.00


Tsutsugaki is one of the traditional methods of dyeing cloth using rice-paste resist and applied colors. These cloths were often given as gifts to the new brides and grooms. Larger cloths were generally used as futon cover while smaller ones were used as wrapping cloths. These cloths were shown-off by laying them over tansus (chests). The motif designs were auspicious symbols to wish good fortune for the newlyweds. This particular tsutsugaki is from the Meiji era (ca 1868 - 1912). As you can see from the image, it has four family crests, one on each corner with chrysanthimums. It is approximately 50" wide and 74" long and is in excellent condition.


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