Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Hikeshi Fireman Hanten

MISC 404 - $480.00


This fireman's jacket (hikeshi-hanten) is probably from the early to mid 1900s. The jacket is made from indigo-dyed cotton and the design on the jacket was executed by traditional sashiko (hand stitching) technique. The front of the jacket shows the name of a community fire-fighting group, Rikuta(?) and a design of tobiguchi-hook. Tobiguchi-hook was used to tear down burning building (roof) to prevent the fire from spreading. The back of the jacket shows the logo of this particular fire-fighting group, along with several more hooks. The both sides of the jacket have hidden pockets. It is "rustic" but in excellent condition.

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 50"

Length: approximately 30"

Body Width: approximately 25"

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