Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Sake-bukuro (or Saka-bukuro)

MISC 807  $70.00


Age: Circa Early to Mid 1900's

Material: canvas cotton

Texture/Technique: sturdy texture dyed with persimmon juice for strengthening and waterproofing

Colors: rustic olive green (natural dyed color)

Condition: well worn due to the heavy use and patched/mended

Notes/Remarks: This lovely sakabukuro (or sakebukuro) is dyed with persimmon juice (kaki-shibu) which creates a natural brown color due to the tanning in the juice. This type of bag is used in the traditional sake refinement, separating the sake "mash" into sake and the left over called sake-kasu. These bags are highly collectable in both Japan and overseas and the collectors generally find charm in the "rough" conditions of the textile and lovely patches and mending.


10/5" w  29.5" l


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