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Kaya Mosquito Net Momen-Cotton

MISC1301 $180.00


This large (6-haba-width) kaya mosquito net reminds almost an organic cotton softness, partially from well use. Unlike commonly seen linen kaya net, this one certainly has a rare texture to feel. The color of the kaya is "rustic" off-white (some uneven), like a cotton canvas, patterned with simple and warm indigo stripes. It is a basic 'hiraori' flat weave and shows some unevenness as a proof of a hand-span weaving. The kaya is 6 haba-width and have a few sections with small spots and minor stains from the age (shown in the images) otherwise the most area is in a desirable condition. Ca. late 1800s to early 1900s.

76" wide 72" long.

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