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Meiji Sashiko Hikeshi-Hanten Fireman coat & Zukin Hood

MISC1407a & b  $1200.00 (a set)


A rare set of Japanese hikeshi hanten and zukin hood (please see the information in "Part 2) from the Meiji era. This particular set was originally came out from an old wealthy residence ('Kyuka) of Hirosaki city in Aomori prefecture. The set of textile was then passed down to a local textile design and collector for a long period of time. Because they were kept in good hands over this time, the condition for the both hanten and hood are exceptional. The hanten is quite a large size, assuming the fire-fighter was layering undergarments for protection under the coat. The hanten is made from a very heavy cotton, dyed in indigo, free-hand dye resisting geometric patterning and logos ('masa' or 'sho'), and heavy sashiko stitchings. In addition, the characters around the chest are read 'Narita.' The edges of hanten have all piping embellishments with cotton fabrics. The items are sold for a set only. Ca. late 1800s to early 1900s.

49" W 42" L

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