Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Meiji Hikeshi Fireman Coat & Zukin Hood (a set with Hanten MISC1407a)

MISC1407b $1200.00 (set price)

This zukin hood is also made from a very heavy cotton, dyed in indigo, free-hand dye resisting geometric patterning and logos ('masa' or 'sho'), and heavy sashiko stitchings. The exterior shows solid indigo with a small openness to expose eyes. As the hood opens up, the beautiful textile designs and stitches are shown. The pair of ties correspond to the pattern on the coat and hood, made from indigo dyed cotton. The top of the hood is padded with a thick cotton material. A very attractive design and profile. The items are sold for a set only. The price, $1200 is for the both coat and hood. Ca. late 1800s to early 1900s.

23" W 22"L (with the length of the ties 34" L)

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