Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Maru Obi Dense Woven with Court Carriage

OBI 334 - $580.00


This gorgeous obi is probably from Showa era (1926-1988). The obi is made from silk and the style of the weaving is called Kara-ori. Kara-ori is one of the most luxury ways to weave for it's extra use of threads. By so doing, a richer surface texture, almost like hand-embroidery, is created. The obi depicts with auspicious Gosho court carriages, large fans, and some beautiful flowers. The dominant colors you see on the obi are orangy-red, black, green, yellow, gold, silver, blue, and lime green. It is one of a kind and is in excellent condition. It is approximately 13" in width X 160" in length.


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