Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Maru Obi with Bronze Hue

OBI 306 - $400.00


This rare maru obi is made circa Meiji era (1968-1912). The obi is made from fine silk and is woven into an elegant design. The unique design depicts scroll painting-like mountain and ocean scene. There are large bridges over the ocean and large pine trees are beautifully hanging over the bridges and religious pagodas are seen by the mountains. You will also find treasure boats (takara-bune) and gracefully flying cranes over the boats. The colors of the obi are golden-khaki and black outlines. The obi is one of a kind. There is some very minor wear on the edge due to the age but otherwise it is in excellent condition. This particular obi is 12.25" in width and 144" in length.


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