Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Maru Obi with Butterfly Motif

OBI 307 - $360.00


This elegant and old maru obi is made circa Meiji era (1968-1912). The obi is made from fine silk and is woven into relatively a rare butterfly design. This butterfly design is regularly placed in a pattern with an almost spider-web like background. There is a very subtle floral design too, in the background. The main color of the obi is khaki and the butterflies are colored in brick-orange and light silvery-gray. . This obi clearly shows the new weaving technology (jacquard) that Japan imported from Lyon, France during this period. The obi is truly an old piece but a design like this sometimes give us such a modern impression. It is rare and is in excellent condition. This particular obi is 13" in width and 148" in length.


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