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Sakiori Obi Short and Heavyly Used

OBI312 - $140.00

Age: Circa early 1900's

Material: mixed recycled materials (cotton, silk)

Texture/Technique: Sakiori Weaving, hand-woven irregular stripe

Design/Motif: n/a

Main Colors: orange, black, purple, green, pink, red

Condition: The both ends are somewhat rustic condition, otherwise the obi is in excellent condition.

Notes/Remarks: This sakiori obi could be made for children's use. The length is relatively short and the both ends are folded into triangle shape and the two ties are attached to the ends for easy use. One of the ties is however worn off due to the age and heavy use. Despite of the age, the body of the obi is in very good condition and it has a very gentle touch. Traditionally sakiori obis were made by remote country people who could not access raw materials to produce sturdy and practical obis for themselves. Recycling old fabrics were economically also suitable to them. Naturally weaving patterns are always irregular, depending on how much of each materials was available.


Size Width: Approximately 6"

Size Length: Approximately 56" (not including the ties)


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