Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

Wedding Kimono with Hand Embroidery

WEDKIMONO #94 - $250.00


This unusual Japanese Wedding Kimono is approximately 30 years old. The kimono is made from rose silk, damask patterning of "kikko" (turtle-shaped shell) which is an auspicious symbol of long life. The exterior has elegant but limited embroidery of auspicious flowers in gold, silver, and white. The intention of the limited embroidery is to show off the high quality silk material of the kimono itself. The entire interior is lined with white silk, some of which is chirimen silk (very fine textured silk). The kimono is in excellent condition and has a small quilted bottom.

The dimensions are:

Width (Sleeve to Sleeve): approximately 49"

Length: approximately 72"

Sleeve Length: approximately 42"

Body Width: approximately 23"


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