Japanese Textiles and Folk Art

'So-Shibobi' Tie Dye Textured Silk Haori

WOMAN'S HAORI #134 - $160.00


Haoris are coats worn over kimonos. Most are lined with colorful, patterned silk fabric. Generally, haoris are worn open in the front and not closed and overlapped like kimonos. This stunning haori is from Taisho Period (ca 1912-1926). The exterior of the haori is made from colorful authentic Japanese silk shibori in yellow and purple. The interior is lined with another cheerful pattern with Japanese red (more like orange), pink, and very light lime green. The haori has never been worn and it is in excellent condition. Dimensions:

Length:  approximately 39"

Width:  approximately 22"

Sleeve to Sleeve : approximately 47.5"

Sleeve Length:  approximately 26.5"


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